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The Mindful ADI is a six week online mindfulness programme for ADIs

Mindfulness is choosing to pay attention to what is happening now with a sense of interest and curiosity.

This includes what is happening around you, (ADIs are already great at that), your senses - sight, sound, smell, touch, the physical sensations in your body, your mood and emotions and your thoughts. 

Mindfulness offers ADI's the tools to become more self aware and intelligent about how emotions and moods can have an impact on driving behaviour.  Being able to recognise the thoughts and physical sensations that come with different emotions and situations helps us to control our minds and actions in everyday life as well as while driving.  

With road safety statistics such as 1 if 5 newly qualified drivers being involved in a crash in the first year of driving and driving behaviour being the biggest contributing factor in 95% of road incidents, ADIs have a responsibility to ensure their learner drivers are able to be self aware enough to reflect on how they way they are thinking and feeling may affect their driving and take appropriate action to manage their moods and driving behaviour - becoming safer drivers!  Being more self aware yourself is the first step to helping your students do the same.

Many of the exercises can be done while carrying out tasks that ADIs already do every day so that they can be easily adapted to fit in with the average working day rather than becoming another task on the to do list of busy ADIs.  Meditation is optional and you don't have to clear your mind of thoughts!

Being more mindful in your everyday life can help you:

strengthen your attention skills

spend less time in automatic pilot

avoid spending too much time lost in an inner world of thoughts

choose to interrupt unhelpful and negative thinking

choose how to respond and react to events that happen around you

reduce stress

become more self aware

understand how thoughts and emotions may effect driver behaviour

There are two slightly different versions of the programme - one for Driving Instructors and one for Learner Drivers which is on our Confident Drivers site .  Group membership of the Confident Drivers will give you free access to the MIndful ADI programme!

Many of the mindfulness exercises are similar so that they can be easily incorporated into lessons while carrying out actions that you both do every lesson such as adjusting and checking driving position, putting on the seatbelt and stopping at a red light.  These simple tasks are a form of attention training, the more you pay attention, the better you will get at paying attention!